“It’s not very often that I read a children’s book and say WOW!” – PaulaMS

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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Little Ant and the Cricket: Moral: You Can’t Please Everyone by S.M.R. Saia is an endearing storybook for children with a good message. Little Ant is the busiest of ants and he is strong, smart, and quick. He is admired by everyone and he replies by saying, ‘I am just an Ant!’ One day, on his way back home with a blueberry, he meets a cricket. He expects the cricket to comment about his superior strength, but no comments come. The cricket says he is on a way to a party, but ants are not allowed as they do not know how to have fun. Little Ant is annoyed by the comment and hopes he can meet the cricket again and … Little Ant runs into the cricket again! This time, will the cricket take Little Ant with him to the party where he is going? What is the lesson Little Ant learns after partying with the cricket and his friends?

The message in the storybook makes it an uplifting and encouraging read for children and it motivates them to accept themselves and be their own self instead of trying to ape others. The illustrations are bright and lively and they give the story a good pace and movement and bring the characters alive for readers. This story is perfect for read aloud sessions in classrooms because of the message and parents can use it for bedtime storytelling too, especially if they have kids who are unhappy with themselves and are trying to become something they are not. The topic is relevant and the author executes it beautifully through the story of the Little Ant who finally learns to act like an Ant!


Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Little Ant and the Dove (Moral: One Good Turn Deserves Another) by S.M.R. Saia is the delightful story of Little Ant with a good message for readers. Little Ant is talking to his other friends and they are comparing their abilities with each other. He thinks he is strong and smart, and far too quick to be caught and eaten by a bird. As they all go walking, the weevil asks Little Ant for a favor. Little Ant politely refuses and his friend Stick Insect tells him he should have agreed. But Little Ant does not think it is necessary as the weevil has not done him any favors. He does not think the weevil is smart, strong, or quick in any way to help him. His thinking changes when his friend Stick Insect is taken by a dove…

The story conveys a good message to readers about friendship, helping, and doing favors for each other without expecting anything in return. The illustrations are charming and they make the characters come alive and the scenes vivid to readers. It is a good bedtime storybook and can be used for read aloud and interactive sessions in classrooms and school libraries because of the message it conveys. We never know when we will be in a position to help a friend and the author handles the message through the story of the Ant and the Dove deftly, with confidence and conviction. The Little Ant realizing his mistake and learning from it makes this story a must-read for all children.


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